Zonealarm 3.0 Pro completed

Zonealarm 3.0 Pro completed

The well-known Zonelarm firewall from Zonelabs is now available in a new version. The highlights include an ad blocker, cookie manager and support for wireless networks, and Zonealarm 3.0 has a redesigned interface.

As before, the user can specify which programs are to be given access to the Internet, making them more informative Prevent programs from sharing information. What is new is that the individual components of programs can each be treated separately. This enables even better control over the Internet activities of applications. If a program is granted access to the Internet, Zonealarm automatically creates a kind of fingerprint of the software and its components. Based on the information obtained in this way, the PC is to be protected from malicious programs and Trojans, which could otherwise be smuggled in and disguise themselves as trustworthy programs. In addition, Zonealarm prevents potentially dangerous scripts with active content and ActiveX elements from being executed.

The new cookie manager can effectively prevent websites from forwarding information stored in cookies to third parties can be. In addition, the software should protect the user from data collectors, the so-called 'web bugs', which spy on personal data when the user accesses personalized websites that contain personal data.

The ad blocker is based on the performance of the internet connection in order to load the ads more slowly while the actual website loads at almost maximum speed. Annoying popup and pop under windows are blocked. Here, too, an individual adjustment can be made. Animations, popups and popunders can be treated separately. You can also choose between aperformance-based and normal advertising suppression can be selected.

The integration of a zone alarm installation into local networks has also been simplified. The options for security settings in wireless and conventional networks have been improved, and the software can differentiate between trustworthy and untrustworthy networks. In addition, new networks can be assigned to one of the two categories.

Zonealarm 3.0 Pro is now available for $ 49.95 in the Zonelabs download area.