ZEROtherm Hurricane HC92 in the test: Potent VGA cooler duo

ZEROtherm Hurricane HC92 in the test: Potent VGA cooler duo


ZEROtherm climbs to the top of our performance charts with the Hurricane VGA coolers, but cannot completely convince. What should be emphasized in any case is the impressive cooling performance of the HC92 construction, which is in some cases well above the other competing products tested so far. The simple installation on all common accelerators, the high quality and the extremely complete scope of delivery are also among the positive impressions of the newcomers.

High performance and good quality - but unfortunately not yet fully developed

There are clear compromises in terms of compatibility, because the graphics card cooler from ZEROtherm, by covering two additional card slots, is too wasteful with the space resources in the housing for our taste. In addition, the Hurricanes live up to their name - maximum speeds of over 3000 rpm with unacceptably high background noise are simply no longer up-to-date, especially since the HC92 Cu has more than sufficient power reserves even at lower speeds. In addition, there is a useless plastic cover, which is only used to create noise-generating air turbulence and should definitely be revised or left out completely.

The bottom line is that the ZEROtherm Hurricane is an extremely powerful graphics card cooler concept with unfortunately too many teething problems , so that the tested HC92 teamcould not make a general recommendation despite top performance. If you still want to have access, you can get the normal HC92 Cu for currently around 40 euros, while the almost identical HC92 Cu 8800 costs around 45 euros.

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