Yamaha now with 44/24/44 burner

Yamaha now with 44/24/44 burner

After not hearing much from Yamaha in this area since the CRW3200E burner, the Japanese company has now brought the 44/24/44 CRW-F1 onto the market. This means that they are the first to offer a drive that achieves such a high burn speed for CD-RWs.

Like its predecessor, the CRW-F1 masters the Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording specially developed by Yamaha, which means Disturbances in the audio-digital data stream (jitter) with self-burned audio CDs are significantly reduced. This leads to an audibly better sound quality that almost comes close to that of purchased music CDs. Of course, Safeburn technology is also involved again and ensures that there are no buffer underruns despite the 8 MB buffer memory. In addition to the usual burner modes, the new burner from Yamaha also supports Mount Rainier (CD-MRW), with which CD-RW media can be handled like a normal drive.

In addition to these well-known technologies, a new, interesting feature has been implemented in the new Yamaha CRW-F1. Using Disc T @ 2 [Disktäto], which was first presented at CeBIT 2002, the underside of a CD can be provided with graphic representations such as company logos. The Yamaha CRW-F1 is also the only torch on the market that masters this thanks to its precise laser control. This process is supported by the Ahead Nero burning software supplied. The sense and nonsense of this function can of course be disputed.

In addition to the internal IDE/ATAPI variant of the CRW-F1, which is already available in stores, external versions with Firewire, USB 2.0 and SCSI interfaces follow. With a two-year guarantee, Yamaha recommends a retail price of 179 euros, which is quite expensive compared to competing products .

CD 'tattooed' using Disc T @ 2