Yamaha CRW 2100 burns CDs up to 16x

Yamaha CRW 2100 burns CDs up to 16x

The new CRW 2100 from Yamaha writes up to 16x in some cases to CD-Rs and CD-RWs with up to 10x. Partly only because this speed cannot be maintained over the entire burn process.

With this 'Partial CAV' process, the device inside the disc works at a constant maximum speed (CAV), whereby the Transfer rate increases outwards. Only when the maximum transfer rate is reached - in this case 16x - is the speed regulated again so that the transfer or write rate remains constant. Yamaha's CRW 2100 is the first burner on the market that works with Partial CAV.

The IDE model of the CRW 2100 series is scheduled for delivery next week, the SCSI model will follow towards the end of the month.