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The much-cited free-of-charge culture on the Internet is given a further damper by, albeit a small one at first glance. The service plans to charge an annual fee of US $ 19.99 for email retrieval via POP3 from April 24th.

Access via the browser remains unaffected and will continue to be free of charge. The reason is to be found in the fact that Yahoo can market advertising on the website, which is of course not possible in Outlook. In addition, an advertising line should be attached to the free emails sent, as is already known from numerous free mail providers. The forwarding of incoming emails to another account is only possible with the paid service from the date mentioned.

According to its own statements, Yahoo Germany is not planning to introduce any user fees yet, but you will not be against the forever Trend and will probably only try to delay the introduction as long as possible so as not to leave too many customers to the competition. But seen from a completely different perspective: If you only want to access emails via POP3 or send them via SMTP, you register a domain for a few euro cents per month and then often have more email addresses available than you ever need in life.