XPC SN41G2: nForce2 with integrated graphics

XPC SN41G2: nForce2 with integrated graphics

After mini-barebones from Shuttle for high-performance PCs had been available on the market for some time, a briquette is now being added. With the help of nVidia's new nForce2 chipset, Shuttle is now realizing a high-performance all-in-one design called SN41G2.

Based on the FX41 mainboard from Shuttle and The well-known series of mini housings made of aluminum is an extremely compact and highly integrated design. For the first time, the big brother of the nForce2-SPP with integrated graphics based on the Geforce4MX will be used.

Features of the SN41G2

  • Mainboard FN41 with nVidia nForce2 Crush18G chipset
  • Integrated GeForce4 MX graphics with 2 VGA outputs
  • supports AMD Athlon XP and AMD Duron processors with 200/266/333MHz FSB
  • supports DDR400/333/266/200 memory
  • Slots: 1x AGP (4X/8X mode), 1x PCI (both can be used at the same time)
  • Connections in the front panel: 1x Firewire, 2x USB 2.0, SPDIF-Out, microphone and headphones
  • Connections in the back panel: 2x Firewire, 2x USB 2.0, 6-channel audio, 2x VGA, TV-out , Network, 2x serial, PS/2 mouse + keyboard
  • 2 x IDE ATA133 connections
  • Integrated cooling engine (ICE) included.
  • Burn Proof CPU Protective function only for AthlonXP (automatic shutdown in the event of overheating)
  • 6-channel AC97 2.2 codec (Southbridge: MCP-T)

The only thing that could be criticized about this complete package would be that the convincing SoundStorm solution with Dolby Digital encoding is not used.

Otherwise, with the appropriate configuration with the few additional components that are still required, all options are available that can otherwise hardly be surpassed by much larger desktop systems, even the extension of the desktop to two monitors is thanks to the nView capability of the integratedGeForce4MX possible without additional hardware.

We hope to be able to present you with a thorough test of this system in the near future.

Further details can be found directly at Shuttle .

Shuttle FX41