Xbox purchases increase significantly after the price drop

Xbox purchases increase significantly after the price drop

After the price of the Xbox was significantly reduced in Australia on April 26, as in Europe, there are now reports of a multiple increase in demand. Independently determined sales figures are not expected until Thursday, but the reports seem to be confirmed.

Originally Microsoft had in the country of kangaroos want to sell 100,000 of their consoles in the first three months of sales. Before the price cut, it was closer to 30,000. So the Redmond giant bowed to the market and lowered the price from 649 Australian dollars (~ € 391) to 399 AUD (~ € 241). That corresponds to a discount of almost 40%. On the one hand, this of course means that Microsoft is making even more losses when selling the consoles itself, on the other hand, for example, John Redenbach, Director of Goods at Toys'R'Us, reports that on April 26th and 27th alone 2.5 times as many Xboxs were sold, as in the entire launch week. In part, these numbers are probably due to pre-orders, but other companies are also speaking of significantly increasing sales figures. The Electronics Boutique chain, represented by its Chief Marketing Officer Steve Wilson, spoke of sales reaching up to 70% of the launch week. Wilson, however, expressed himself skeptical about the duration of this weekend boom.

Whether a flash in the pan or a real trend reversal, of course we are especially curious to see how the price reduction will affect Europe . After all, the high price seemed to speak against the Xbox so far. The hardware and software, on the other hand, undoubtedly have a lot to offer, more on that soon in an article here on CB. However, there is still one catch for Microsoft Europe: In contrast to Australia, the Playstation2 is not more expensive than the box here - oh yes, and then there was the Gamecube - according to the latest reports, it may be cheaper by halfthe Xbox ...