Xbox in the test: Microsoft dares to revolt against Sony

Xbox in the test: Microsoft dares to revolt against Sony

Useful accessories

Let's keep it short. There's no question that Halo would be easier to control with a mouse and keyboard. Even the greatest skeptics got used to the sticks in a short time. It is therefore not so tragic that we have not yet been able to find any of these control units for the Xbox that are known from the PC. Should they ever exist, they are certainly worth a second look.

The ideal controller for racing games is of course a steering wheel, but thanks to the completely analog control with the pad, that is certainly not a must. Nevertheless, there is already a large selection for racing enthusiasts. Thrustmaster is very well known in the PC market, but we haven't had the opportunity to be sure that they will live up to their reputation with their Xbox products.

DVD Playback Kit

Last but not least, there are “compulsory accessories” for all those who also want to use the DolbyDigital capabilities of the box, and for those who also want to watch DVDs with it. The former need a special cable with an optical output for € 30, the latter must first purchase the DVD playback kit for € 50. At the original price of the console of € 479 this could have been described as rather shameless, at the current price of € 299 you have to let the surcharges pass.


That brings us to the 1 million euro question. Is the Xbox worth the money or not? And is it really a console of the next generation?

Both questions can be answered at the latest since the price cut on April 26th. answer confidently with yes. For € 299, the Xbox offers a performance potential, in particular with the NV2A chip from Nvidia, which not only leaves the console competition far behind, but also makes modern PCs look old in many cases. There are also innovative and valuable features such as the hard disk and the DolbyDigital capable multimedia and communications processor. One can also look forward to Microsoft's handling of network capabilities. In addition to excellent hardware, the software offering is of course also of particular importance in the console market. The box seems to have a good hand in this area too. After all, game development is particularly easy thanks to the Windows-based operating system and DirectX 8 support, so that the hope seems justified that there will be more and more high-quality games for the Xbox in the future.

So who is currently from wanted to upgrade his GeForce2 or 3 to a GeForce4, and still have a decent TV available, should think twice about whether the Xbox offers him and some of his friends a lot more fun than the new GraKa or oneMemory expansion. And anyway, if you can afford it, definitely hit it!

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