Xbox in the test: Microsoft dares to revolt against Sony

Xbox in the test: Microsoft dares to revolt against Sony

Rallisport Challenge

The racing game Rallisport Challenge is undoubtedly the second game that is most likely to exploit the box's capabilities. It is the first rally game in which you really have the feeling of driving through an open landscape. There are no walls with a tree texture on them at the roadside, but each tree is calculated individually. In addition, you can hardly tell where the 3D calculation ends and where two-dimensional background images only pretend the distance. In the foreground, meanwhile, the bump mapping and the reflective effects on asphalt or ice are amazing. In addition to the excellent landscape representation, Rallisport shows some other highlights.

Rallisport landscapes

Let's start with the extremely detailed vehicle models. It is not without reason that one drivesif at all, only against three opponents. But who cares - a perfect example of how resources, which are anything but inexhaustible, have been allocated sensibly. Wherever savings have been made in terms of quantity, quality is all the more splendid: The vehicles are primarily set in scene by the fantastic environment mapping. Really the entire environment is reflected in the paintwork and windows. But only until they are either dirty with desert dust or destroyed by a violent crash exactly where you hit the ground. These descriptions could go on forever, before we break them off, there is only one thing left to say. Great particle effects also contribute to the real rally feeling to a large extent. After all, you don't drive over sterile concrete ovals, but over fields, forests and meadows. So it's downright satisfying to see sand, mud or snow flying away from under the rear wheels. This is also interesting from a technical point of view, as the particle control requires significantly less computing power than polygons do - another example of how programmers know how to impress without sacrificing too much performance.

Rallisport Model

Similar to Halo, graphic weaknesses in Rallisport Challenge only appear in the split screen. Since there are only 640x240 pixels left for each player, it is initially difficult to predict the course of the route. The fact that the front passenger and with him the arrows pointing the way do not make it any easier. And yet again, as with Halo, it is precisely this oneMultiplayer mode that is the most fun. Sometimes the otherwise serious testers had tears in their eyes with laughter and swearing in the face of brazen hustlers and spectacular stunts.

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