Xbox in the test: Microsoft dares to revolt against Sony

Xbox in the test: Microsoft dares to revolt against Sony

Practical impressions

If you haven't noticed it before, you will find out when unpacking that the Xbox is unfortunately not really in one noble X-shaped silver case, as it was known from early PR photos and events. Instead, a rather unadorned but also not ugly black box comes towards you, the highlight of which is the Xbox emblem on the top, in silver and bright green. Even if it is quite large, that does not change its inconspicuousness. If it is on a shelf or at the bottom of a TV table, hardly anyone will notice it. Like the developers, you don't spend long with the design, instead you strive to get the box up and running as quickly as possible.

.png '> Xbox prototype
Xbox and controllers

Not much is needed. First you have to connect the Scart cable to the TV and the box, then the box still needs power, if possible you should also connect to the DolbyDigital decoder, then you plug in a controller and finally you simply press the lower of the two buttons once the front. A joyful whirring sounds from the back of the box. This is where the fan is located, which simultaneously cools the housing and processor. Subjectively, the noise is a little less bright than the sound of the PS2, but it cannot be described as significantly quieter - unfortunately - even if the inherent noise is soon masked by the sound.

Xbox menu
Xbox menu

In any case, you can now make some settings in the green operating system and, as already mentioned, your own music and manage other data on the hard drive. Then you press the larger of the two buttons once, which opens the loading mechanism of the DVD drive. Now you only have to decide which game to play before you can finally start playing. Whether this is really fun depends, apart from the title selected, on two other factors that can spoil the game if the quality is poor.

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