Xbox in the test: Microsoft dares to revolt against Sony

Xbox in the test: Microsoft dares to revolt against Sony

Storage media

As a completely new feature in the world of game consoles, the Xbox has a real hard drive. With 8GB of available memory, it makes the well-known 'MemoryCards' superfluous for normal saving of game statuses. They are now only available for exchanging data with other Xbox owners in the standard size of 8MB to plug into the controller. But the hard drive is even more important in games, where reloading is required frequently. First, the data from the game DVDs can be placed on the hard drive so that they are available much faster when they are actually needed. This is particularly noticeable in Halo through extremely long sections with no loading times. A decent speed is also ensured when loading DVD directly. Ultimately, Microsoft decided on a 5-fold DVD drive (PS2 - 2-fold) that can also usually work at maximum speed because the games are burned from the outside in. The reading speed only falls well below the 5x speed when the full capacity of the 9GB DVDs is actually reachedis used, which will certainly rarely be the case with games. The hard drive allows one last gimmick. Real music fans can transfer their own background music from CD to the hard drive for games so that they can be played on the car radio during a race, for example.

8MB memory card

Now, finally enough theory, and get to the boxes!

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