Xbox in the test: Microsoft dares to revolt against Sony

Xbox in the test: Microsoft dares to revolt against Sony


It all started with a game called Halo. Halo, the mysterious ring planet, is probably the reason why a game console is making its way into the world of PC freaks for the first time this spring. If you are constantly dealing with the latest PC components, it is of course particularly attractive to have the full capabilities of your own computer demonstrated by an extraordinary game. That's exactly what Halo promised to be.

Halo cover image
Halo in Action

So the excitement in the hardware community was particularly great, so the first videos appeared almost two years ago. From a software company called Bungie, which was only known to a few myth fanatics, we suddenly saw images of a 3D engine that exceeded everything that had been there before. Something similar in faithTo be able to see on their own monitor as little later as possible, the PC gaming community watched with their lower jaws folded down as a jeep heated through beautiful landscapes, and how a mysterious sniper used the almost infinite range of vision to shut down alien guards. Some were already indulging in sweet dreams of exciting online battles in the world of Halo, a real hype was in full swing, when the bad news for Microsoft haters and gamepad phobics came: Microsoft is buying Bungie. Halo - Xbox only. PC version? Later. Fat online battles? No focus of development at the moment.

Huge disappointment - and what the hell is the Xbox?

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