Xbox arrives in Europe on March 14th

Xbox arrives in Europe on March 14th

The Xbox will be released in Europe on March 14, 2002 at a price of around 935 marks (479 euros). The price for Xbox games should be 69 euros (about 130 DM). In the first three months it is planned to sell 1.5 million consoles. Microsoft will be offering the following accessories for the launch of the console:

  • Game controller: 80 marks (40 euros)
  • DVD kit with remote control: 100 marks (50 euros)
  • 8 MByte memory chip: 100 Marks (50 euros)
  • AV cable with Scart adapter: 50 Marks (25 euros)
  • Scart cable with opt . Output: 60 marks (30 euros)
  • Antenna adapter: 50 marks (25 euros)

Since the price of 479 euros is higher than expected and the prices of the Competition will probably fall again by March, a price correction by Microsoft for the launch of the Xbox is not unlikely.