Workshop: Safe Windows XP with the NSA

Workshop: Safe Windows XP with the NSA

No matter how much security and silence you can demand of your own employees - if the computer lets the data trickle into the Internet like a sieve, the secrecy is often over quickly.

Whereas in Germany there have been endless debates in the past about whether an open source project like Linux should take precedence over an internally unknown product like Windows in sensitive areas should leave Microsoft, the NSA (National Security Agency) in the USA has now addressed the problem in a 130-page 'Security Guide for Windows XP'. Apparently there is a great fear that leaky program parts will leak important information to unauthorized persons.

Questionable times, in which we have already come so far that secret services are trying to iron out company failures in order to prevent the world from falling preserve ...

How the NSA envisions a secure Windows XP can be read in the Guide to Securing MS Windows XP . Despite all doubts about its creation, the article should definitely be worth a look.