WirelessUSB takes on the fight against Bluetooth

WirelessUSB takes on the fight against Bluetooth

Cypress Semiconductor has introduced a new wireless technology based on USB. The manufacturer also presents the corresponding chips right away and would like to ditch Bluetooth with them before Bluetooth finally becomes the standard.

WirelessUSB works in the 2.4 GHz band and requires much lower latency times for data transmission than Bluetooth. WirelessUSB devices should be much easier to manufacture and are also cheaper than devices with Bluetooth. A single wireless USB chip should cost just under US $ 4.

With the chips from the CY694x series, Cypress Semiconductor is already providing solutions for mice (CY6941) and keyboards (CY6942) as well as a wireless USB bridge (CY6943) in front. With WirelessUSB up to 7 devices can communicate within a radius of 10m. The latency times are 20ms, with a maximum of 4 devices even only 8ms. It should be noted that a latency time of 30ms is more than sufficient for most areas of application.

The great advantage of WirelessUSB is the existing driver support for all common operating systems. Any computer with USB support will be able to access WirelessUSB devices without any problems, additional drivers would not be necessary. Bluetooh, on the other hand, is rarely adequately supported by any operating system, not even Microsoft offers support for Bluetooth for all operating systems. WirelessUSB also supports a 64- and 128-bit encryption algorithm to ensure data security.

The power consumption of WirelessUSB is also very attractive. Cypress Semiconductor states that a WirelessUSB keyboard will run for over half a year with one battery charge.

If you want more information about WirelessUSB, you can find it in a PDF at Cypress Semiconductor.