Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer in the test: The optical wireless mouse from Microsoft

Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer in the test: The optical wireless mouse from Microsoft


From the very good ergonomics the Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer we were a bit surprised at first because the mouse looks very high compared to other models in its own product range and also that of the competition. But even the first time you lay your hands on, you will be pleasantly surprised, as the mouse is perfectly adapted to the hand. Only users with small hands should have slight problems here again. The mouse is just as long as the old IntelliMouse Explorer, so the new version may be a bit too big for some. The special thumb notch is new at Microsoft, but it is extremely positive, as you can always hold the mouse very comfortably in your hand and guide it very easily. In addition, the upper mouse buttons have slight indentations so that the index and (depending on use) the middle finger rest very well on the buttons.

In the previous IntelliMouse Explorer, the buttons were criticized all too often because they seemed a bit wobbly and the mouse wheel seemed too spongy. Microsoft has apparently taken this point of criticism to heart as well. The buttons don't seem as wobbly as they used to and the mouse wheel now also has a higher rolling resistance, so that you don't scroll past your goal as easily. The smaller buttons on the side are also particularly noticeable. They may not be to everyone's taste, as of course they no longer offer the large printing area as with the predecessor, but these keys are always specialShaky criticism and precisely this circumstance has been properly remedied with the smaller keys. It is a small change if you are used to the large buttons of earlier IntelliMouse generations, but after a few hours this is no longer a problem. The changeover to the Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer was very easy for us, as it fits perfectly in the hand and you don't have to get used to a fancy design.

The new Teflon pads under the mouse, on which the Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer slides much easier on the mouse pad than previous ones, are also very positive Models did.

Small buttons

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