Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer in the test: The optical wireless mouse from Microsoft

Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer in the test: The optical wireless mouse from Microsoft



Microsoft was certainly pioneering in the development of optical mice and was also the first manufacturer to even use one optical mouse came on the market. Many manufacturers followed and optical mice established themselves very quickly thanks to their advantages. At first, the manufacturers tried to increase the accuracy of the optical sensors through higher sampling rates, and this also applies to players who often still relied on the good old ball mouse, because in their opinion it was simply more precise and did not have the disadvantage of a jumping mouse pointer when it was extremely fast Movement brought with it to gain a foothold.

Then the wireless mice slowly but surely developed and the manufacturers recognized the opportunity to combine two advantages: wireless and optical mice. Such rodents have been on the market for some time now, but one manufacturer has so far been missing from the ranks of providers: Microsoft. But now the successful IntelliMouse series has also been supplemented with an optical wireless mouse and we will check whether the long wait has paid off and the Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer can prevail against the competition.

Our thanks go to Microsoft, who kindly provided us with a copy of the Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer.

Scope of delivery

In the typical Microsoft packaging you can find the mouse next to the mouseassociated receiver, the driver CD, a manual and two AA batteries. The receiver is connected to a USB port. A USB-PS/2 adapter is not included with the mouse. The cable of the receiver is completely sufficient at 1.5 meters. In view of a maximum transmission range of more than 10 meters, nobody should have a problem with the placement of the receiver. However, if there are other technical devices such as a monitor between the mouse and the receiver, the transmission range may decrease, but it is still sufficient to in no way limit the normal operation of the mouse. The manual is completely in English and provides information on commissioning. The IntelliPoint software version 4.01 is located on the driver CD. The Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer does not have a charging station. It is up to you whether you use normal batteries or rechargeable batteries that you have to charge yourself in an external device.


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