Windows XP SP1 goes to the beta testers

Windows XP SP1 goes to the beta testers

With the appearance of Windows XP in October last year, Microsoft began work on the first service pack for this operating system. Since yesterday ten thousand beta testers worldwide have the opportunity to test the first beta version of the revised operating system.

Here you can find three different versions are available for testers to download. In addition to the classic standalone package, which still weighs 120 MB and is equally suitable for Windows XP Home and Professional Edition, a web installer of just 2 MB is waiting for a detailed test, which, depending on the system, only provides the necessary updates loads from the network. Last but not least, the service pack is also available for download in an integrated form, which will replace the retail versions of Windows XP Home and Professional Edition after the beta test has ended.

The new features of the service pack include the usual security and compatibility updates, as well as new drivers. In addition, the modifications that Microsoft has agreed to in the course of countless court hearings will also apply, as will be the case with Windows 2000 SP3 .

With the completion of the service pack is expected for the end of summer, but the schedule can still fluctuate depending on the feedback from the beta testers.