Windows XP SE no longer this year

Windows XP SE no longer this year

The world's largest software manufacturer Microsoft has now informed its partners that a revised version of Windows XP will no longer be in stores this year. Windows XP SE (Second Edition) should appear according to the latest information in the first quarter of 2003.

There will be a little more innovations. So the new Windows will come with a new version of Internet Explorer and DirectX. Both the development of Internet Explorer 7.0 and the development of DirectX 9.0 have not even started and with the latter one one is still puzzling whether the revised version with the version number 9.1 will not come onto the market immediately. However, it is also conceivable that DirectX 9.0 will only be used in the new Windows, whereas DirectX 9.1 is again available for download by the general public. The further innovations of Windows XP SE will also include a Bluetooth extension and further basics for Microsoft's .NET strategy.

Along with this message, of course, the starting shot for Windows code name Longhorn moves further back, not to mention Blackcomb . The new database-based file system that is to be introduced with Longhorn thus has a little more time to “mature”. It is unclear whether this will also affect the development of the first service pack for Windows XP. However, it is questionable how Microsoft will be able to make this bugfix available for download in the third quarter of 2002. At least the beta test hasn't started yet. The same applies to Windows XP SE, only the ideas from Longhorn and Blackcomb currently exist.