Windows XP: How to change the logon screen

Windows XP: How to change the logon screen

Step 1

To free our two images at positions 100 and 123 from their dimensions, not many steps are necessary - it is actually quite easy. If you extract the two files from the file as described in the section 'Image modification' and open them with a graphics program, you can see that the first image at position 100 is exactly 219 pixels wide and 207 pixels high. The Windows XP logo at position 123, on the other hand, is 137 pixels wide and 86 pixels high. In understanding the rcbmp function, these dimensions must also be transferred somewhere in the 'UIFILE'. When we found the number, we also found the option to set the size of the graphic to a variable value. With the help of Ctrl + F or a click on 'View' and then on 'Find Text' we can search for the numbers. It is sufficient to enter the width in each case. Once the two functions have been found, the value for height and width should be set to '0', since the graphic is not set to any dimensions in this way.

Relevant widthsearch
Width occurs in the lower part
Width and height are set to zero

Step 2

Now, as already described in image modification, the graphics at position 100 and 123 can be overwritten with other images that may be larger than the originals. Of course, all other bitmaps can also be changed, but the question of the sense arises here. Depending on the extent of the modification, this step may be necessary.

If the new graphics are contained in the logonui.exe, this file should ideally be in a separate folder on the hard drive in the Windows path, e.g. with the Name logon. In order to replace this file with the original from Windows, a software helps us, which is described in more detail in the next section.

We are creating a bigger logo
figcaption> Create another subfolder for better differentiation
Store the new file in this folder
Windows XP Standard
The logo is displayed incorrectly without manipulating the UIFILE
Correct display of the new graphic

Software support

Since the same logon screen can always get boring in the long run and you quickly lose track of the overview with different logonui.exe, a program called 'Logon XP' was developed, which offers numerous interesting functions. So it is able to change different logon screens automatically after a certain number of logons. It also prevents Microsoft's System File Protection from unnecessarily complicating the overwriting of the original logonui.exe and also automatically creates a backup of this file. Operation is actually intuitive and does not require any further explanation.

Software support - logon XP main menu
Software support - Logon XP settings
Software support - Logon XP logon listing
Software support - Logon XP confirmation

Have finished files

on the Internet With the launch of Windows XP, numerous websites developed that deal with nothing other than modifying the operating system. One of these pages is also , on which there are currently around 500 completed logon screens for Windows XP. It has become common practice that the complete logonui.exe is always offered for download in packed form, as this is how the new logon screen can be opened using the previouslycan exchange the software described. Furthermore, you can learn a lot from the finished logon screens in order to further improve your own logon screen.

Windows XP Standard
Windows XP Logon Watercolor
Windows XP Logon Robot
Windows XP Logon Jolie
Windows XP Logon Lopez
Windows XP Logon Matrix


The modification of the Windows XP logon screen is certainly not one of the easiest actions, but I think that this one Article greatly contributed to the understanding of this file. In the event that there are still technical questions, these should be asked in our forum .

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