Windows XP: How to change the logon screen

Windows XP: How to change the logon screen

Text modification

To avoid falling into the house right away , let's start at this point with a comparably simple modification. The texts that appear during the logon process are especially good for getting started. As already mentioned, these are located in the 'String Table' menu item and have been more or less sensibly divided by Microsoft into five folders. For example, to change the text 'Turn off computer' to something more interesting, it is sufficient to modify this group of words in the first sub-item.

Before the text modification
After the text modification

Click on 'Compile Script' to make the changes in the file effective. The new logonui.exe can now be saved. It is best to have a separate folder in the Windows path (e.g. with the name Logon). Another software does the rest for us, but more on that in the section Software support . But now to the logon image modification.

Create the folder Logon in Windows
Create another subfolder for better differentiation
Store the new file in this folder
Windows XP Standard
Logon screen with modified text

Image modification

In this section it should now be in primarily about swapping some graphics. The level of difficulty at this point is in the middle, as we are still keeping our hands off the 'UIFILE'. There are only two logos available for modification at this point. On the one hand, the Windows XP logo in the middle and, on the other hand, the gradient in the upper left corner of the logo screen.

Step 1

Because it is becoming easier and easier to use a template to create images change, we will first extract the images from the logonui.exe that are of interest to us. This is especially useful because we are not allowed to change the size of the existing images. This problem will not be dealt with until the next big section, as it requires somewhat more complicated modifications.

Graphic in the upper left corner
Windows XP logo inLogonscreen

The graphics that are of interest to us have the number 100 and 123 in the 'Bitmap' menu item, less important things such as the background for are hidden under all other numbers the password field (102), buttons in a pressed and unpressed version (104 to 107, 121 to 122), scroll bars (109 to 111), the background for the selected account (112), and the picture frame for the normal ones (113) and the currently selected (119) user images. Behind the number 114 is the logo for the administrator account, which you can only see in safe mode. The dividing lines built by Microsoft are located under points 124 to 126, in point 127 there is again the Windows logo, which, however, is not used during the logon or logoff process.

Step 2

Now that we know where the interesting pictures are hidden, we can extract them from the logonui.exe with the Resource Hacker. All you have to do is select the image to be exported and select the Action command and then Save [Bitmap: X] in the menu, where X is replaced by the number of the bitmap that is to be exported. It is best to choose the number of the bitmap as the file name in order to exclude confusion from the start.

Extract image
Select number as file name

Step 3

So far, so good. The images are on the hard drive and can now be modified as desired. However, the dimensions of the respective images must not be changed, as otherwise the graphics on the logon screen will appear distorted. At this point your skill is required,the color depth is ultimately irrelevant and there is nothing to consider when saving the bitmap. We left the Windows XP logo unchanged, but we added the ComputerBase logo to the other image.

Saved graphics
Open saved graphic with graphics program
Create new graphic
Save new graphic

Step 4

Now it is time to replace the graphics contained in logonui.exe with the new ones. To do this, the graphic position that is to be replaced by a new graphic must first be selected. Then just click on the Action and Replace Bitmap menu item to exchange the images. If the new graphics are in the logonui.exe, this file should ideally be stored on the hard drive in a separate folder in the Windows path (e.g. with the name Logon). In order to replace this file with the original Windows one, a software helps us, which is described in more detail in the section Software support .

Replace image with a new one
Old image will be replaced
Create new subfolder
Save the file in the new subfolder
Windows XP Standard
Logon screen with new image

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