Windows XP: How to change the logon screen

Windows XP: How to change the logon screen


After we dealt with the last article on how to tinker with the Windows XP boot logo, this time we will deal with the Windows XP logon screen. Just like the boot logo, it can be manipulated in a more or less simple way. The advantage of having its own login screen is that it is also displayed when the computer is woken up from hibernate or standby. The boot logo, on the other hand, is only displayed if the computer has previously been shut down completely. But since this scenario is rarely the case, especially under Windows XP when using modern hardware, you only see your own boot logo in exceptional cases.


As with the startup process, there is also an application for the logon process that contains all the routines and Includes graphics. While modifying the boot logo thentoskrnl.exe was the object of desire, it is now logonui.exe during the logon process that offers countless possibilities for creating a personal interface. The only goal must be to adapt the graphics and layouts stored in this file to your own wishes with a suitable program.

Since changes to a system file are necessary to modify the boot logo, this process should only be carried out manually by experienced users. However, there are already numerous ready-made boot logos that will also give newcomers a lot of pleasure. More on this in the section 'Software support'. Basically, it should be said that any manipulation of the Windows XP basic setting is carried out at your own risk.


As already mentioned, everything in this article is about the Windows logonui.exe Go to XP Home or Professional Edition. To make our modifications, we use the Resource Hacker program. Any graphics required, however, can be created with any graphics program - more on this later. To start modifying, you first need the Resource Hacker , which you can of course download from us. Then you have to unzip the file and run the 'ResHacker.exe' file. If everything has worked out up to this point, and it should actually, the logonui.exe can now be opened with File> Open. This file is located on the system hard drive in the Windows installation folder and in the System32 subfolder. The Resource Hacker now lists all usable resources of the file.

Logonui. exe with Resource Hacker open
Structure of theLogonui.exe

A four-part division can be seen. All layout-specific scripts are located in the 'UIFILE' menu item. As the name actually suggests, “Bitmap” includes all graphics in BMP format used in the logon process. The 'String Table' contains all texts and notes that are displayed during logon. This of course also includes the 'Welcome' when the system starts. In the fourth menu item there is the 'Version Info' of the logonui.exe, which can remain unchanged with our modification.

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