Windows XP design is perfect

Windows XP design is perfect

After a longer wait, Microsoft has now also sent the official beta testers a new version of Windows XP, as previously announced. It has the version number 2481 and is most likely the very last version before Release Candidate 1, which is expected for June 18th.

In addition to the new Windows Messenger, formerly MSN Messenger, the new version includes two new design themes, which we recently discussed, as well as new Windows sounds and detail improvements. As already mentioned, Build 2481 is not yet a release candidate version from which no new functions are integrated into a product, but as Microsoft has already announced to the beta testers, there will be no more changes to the WindowsXP graphical user interface after this Build version 2481 .

Starting with 2481 work on the Windows XP user interface has been frozen. This is a needed step in our process in order to finalize documentation, the help files, and to begin final localization. This means that the UI is very close to what it will be in the final product.

So we will now get to work on eliminating the last bugs so that within the scope of the schedule, the finished product is still in the October this year in stores.