Windows .NET achieves Release Candidate 1 status

Windows .NET achieves Release Candidate 1 status

Microsoft took a long time to develop the new server version. The time has finally come: Windows .NET Server, the upcoming server operating system from Microsoft, has reached the status of Release Candidate 1 (RC1). Only small final work is necessary up to production.

The Windows .NET Server family is based on the reliability, availability and scalability of Windows 2000 Server. Windows .NET Server is therefore a further developed server operating system which, according to Microsoft, meets all requirements - from the individual workgroup to the data center. With improved support for 64-bit processors, comprehensive integration of clustering with up to eight nodes and support for non-uniform memory access (NUMA), Windows servers are now even better suited for business-critical and high-end applications.

The Windows .NET Server family is part of Microsoft's .NET strategy and supports the .NET Framework for the development and use of linked applications. This makes it easier for developers to create XML-based applications and web services. Microsoft has also expanded the functionality of the Active Directory in Windows .NET Server. Network administrators benefit from improved management, performance and efficiency. Developers now have a multitude of options to simplify the distribution of directory-based applications.

Windows .NET Server becomes be available in four versions: as a standard, enterprise and data center server as well as in a variant specially tailored to the needs of small and very small companies with an integrated web server.

The German Microsoft subsidiary has a Local Customer Preview Program prepared for your business customers, which will start in the coming week with registration and ordering and at the end of August with theDelivery of the products takes on concrete forms. All participants in the program will initially receive the RC1 from Windows .NET Server in English, including a resource CD and product key. RC2 (German) and an evaluation copy of the final product (German) will be sent to participants as soon as they are available. In addition, all participants will receive a voucher for a high-quality Windows .NET Server book from Microsoft Press, which will be published soon. The entire preview package costs 35 euros once.