Windows Movie Maker is coming of age

Windows Movie Maker is coming of age

Together with Windows Media Player 9.0, Microsoft will also present version 2.0 of Windows Movie Maker to the public on January 7, 2003 and offer it for free download from its own servers. The new version now comes with many cross-fade filters and video effects.

Microsoft's own video editing software has made a significant leap forward when you think back to the spartan features of the first version. Text overlays are no longer a problem for the new version. When you consider that Microsoft will be offering Movie Maker 2.0 for free download, a really decent piece of software, which understandably cannot compete with commercial products like Adobe's Premiere.

All those who don't can wait until the official go-ahead, you can already download an 8 MB beta version from Microsoft. .

Windows Movie Maker 2
Windows Movie Maker 2 - New Effects
Windows Movie Maker 2 - New effects 2
Windows Movie Maker 2 - Comment on videos