Windows ME in the test: The biggest failure since Windows existed

Windows ME in the test: The biggest failure since Windows existed

Digital Imaging

For owners of a scanner and or Windows Me has a lot more to offer a digital camera. With the help of an assistant for scanners and cameras, which only supports a small fraction of the available models, it is possible to scan images from the Windows interface, to read in images from a digital camera, to delete them and even to take pictures without the one from the Software supplied by the manufacturer must be started. If you have a digital camera, it is now available in the workplace like a hard drive (provided Windows Me has the drivers for it). As soon as you switch to it, Windows automatically reads out the saved images as a preview. This can then be transferred from the camera to the PC.

Windows Millennium Edition (Me)

It works similarly with oneScanners, but few of them are supported. Owners of digital cameras from Agfa, Canon, Casio, Kodak, Olympus, Epson, HP, Konika, Micron, Sanyo, Fujifilm and Konika can at least indulge in the hope that their camera will be supported.


Windows Me is definitely uninteresting for owners of Windows 2000 and would represent nothing more than a step backwards, because the stability offered is in no relation to Windows 2000, mainly because of the old relic 'DOS kernel' in Windows Me. Owners of Windows 95 should perhaps take a longer look at the new system from Microsoft, as Windows Me represents the evolutionary end of the Win9x core. Windows 95 can only handle USB to a very limited extent and support from the AGP port only comes about after a few patches, most of the software it contains is out of date and the development of drivers has largely been cut back. Windows Me would be the ideal successor to the operating system here, especially since Windows 2000 is out of the question for machines with Windows 95 due to the hardware available. Owners of Windows 98 with LAN should upgrade to benefit from ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). Owners of Windows 98SE who work less with video editing or digital graphics will hardly benefit from the new programs and functions, so that a change is not absolutely necessary here. But one thing should not be forgotten: The stability of Windows Me is better than of any other Windows 9x, the proportion of supported hardware has increased, but unfortunately also the hunger for resources!

Finally, I would like to say that Microsoft beta testers' suggestions for improvement were more or less ignored during beta testing. For example, there was a top ten wishlist, from which not a single point was taken into accountwas.

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