Windows ME in the test: The biggest failure since Windows existed

Windows ME in the test: The biggest failure since Windows existed

The Help Center

Also one of the innovations in Windows ME is the Help Center. Microsoft has completely revised the old help system and added some new features. The whole help system is now web-based and on the 'start page' some points that are frequently asked are already listed as links. The system information is now integrated in the Help Center, just like the Help and Support item, with which you can send questions online to Microsoft Support. However, in order to be able to use the function, you have to register with MSN Passport, which is free of charge. Furthermore, only the first two inquiries are free of charge, all additional inquiries are chargeable. So you should think carefully about the questions with which you stress the support. Another innovation is the integration of tours and learning programs that explain exactly how you can and must configure networks under Me, for example.

Windows Millennium Edition(Me)

On the whole, it can be said that the Help Center is a real relief, especially for beginners. For those who have had to do with Windows on a number of occasions, it is probably of little use. The idea of ​​online support is actually a good thing in itself, but two questions are quickly asked and how the whole thing is then billed is not yet entirely clear even to Microsoft in this country.

The Movie Maker

In addition to the system recovery, the Movie Maker 1.0 is probably one of the most spectacular innovations. With it it is possible to transfer, organize and edit amateur films on the PC. When transferring the film from the video camera, Windows Movie Maker automatically detects new sequences and divides the film into smaller, more manageable segments. If you already have still images, videos or music files on your own PC, you can import them, edit them and integrate them into other films. With the help of the editing tool you can create transitions between individual clips, shorten the duration of a clip, or insert music and language text.

Windows Millennium Edition (Me)

Who now expects Microsoft to produce a great video -Editing program has been integrated into Windows Me, but will be somewhat disappointed by the performance offered, as there are strong limits to the variety of editing options. Another drawback is that the only supported output format is WMV (Windows Media-Audio/Video), AVI or MPEG are looked for in vain.

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