Windows ME in the test: The biggest failure since Windows existed

Windows ME in the test: The biggest failure since Windows existed


At the beginning of our Windows Me test, I would like to thank the many beta testers of Windows Me, who stood by my side and helped me write this article. What is that supposed to mean? That means nothing else than that the article comes from the hands of Windows Me beta testers, who have tested the product for over eight months from Beta1 to the final.

A new year, a new operating system, but this time especially for the consumer market. While Windows 2000 largely appeals to professional users, Windows Me focuses more on playful gamers or PC newbies. This article will tell you whether a switch from Windows 95/98 or even Windows 2000 to Windows Me might be worthwhile.

The installation

The installation actually runs without any difficulties if you install over an existing system. The difficulties for advanced beginners only begin when they decide to do a clean install, i.e. when their system is formatted beforehand. Since the over-the-counter Windows CD is still not bootable, you have to use a boot disk that is supplied to access the CD-ROM drive. Noticeable is afterthe start of Windows Setup actually only the new color scheme. The whole installation routine was transformed from simple blue with black into trendy colors. At least you finally have the feeling of having a new product.

Windows Millennium Edition (Me)

New word creations were also found, such as the 'certified' word downloaded. The installation is faster than with the previous versions. In the end, you get an executable system in which extensive fine-tuning is necessary. For example installing the correct drivers and changing some system options. Unfortunately, the non-plus-ultra has not yet succeeded here. The system tries very hard to get up and running quickly. However, it would be desirable if this fine-tuning could be changed during the installation, or it would be recognized correctly.

The integration of the registration in Me is also new, i.e. you can now register online. What do you get out of it? You will be informed about updates and while you are online you will receive a message that new updates can be downloaded. This is practical and not annoying, as only a small icon appears in the system tray next to the clock. After the download you can install these updates without restarting. All in all, the setup is worth revising.

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