Windows Longhorn and Blackcomb confirmed

Windows Longhorn and Blackcomb confirmed

With the completion of Windows XP in October last year, the first voices were voiced about the successor to the operating system. While Windows codename Blackcomb was still seen as the successor at the beginning of Windows XP development, something else quickly became clear towards the end of development.

Between Whistler and Blackcomb, there must be another operating system from Microsoft. The rumor of Windows codenamed Longhorn was born. There have not been any official statements to the press about Microsoft's future operating systems. However, Microsoft officially confirmed the Windows XP (code name Whistler) successor in court in a current document .

'… Windows Operating System Product' means the software code (as opposed to source code) distributed commercially by Microsoft for use with Personal Computers as Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, and successors to the foregoing, including the Personal Computer versions of the products currently code named 'Longhorn' and 'Blackcomb' and their successors, including upgrades, bug fixes, service packs, etc. The software code that comprises a Windows Operating System Product shall be determined by Microsoft in its sole discretion. … “

Due to the early stage of development, very little is known about the new operating systems. While code name Longhorn is unlikely to be more than Windows XP Second Edition with version 5.2 of the NT kernel, a major innovation is looming with Blackcomb. Whether it will be based on version 6.0 of the kernel is still questionable at this point in time. Insider circles expect the Longhorn beta test to begin before the middle of the year, so that the operating system can be launched on the market in 2003.