Windows code name 'Longhorn' as recently as 2004

Windows code name 'Longhorn' as recently as 2004

The Windows XP successor with the current code name 'Longhorn', which was initially planned for 2003, will most likely not be available until mid-2004. As became clear in a speech at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, they want Longhorn to be more than just a small update.

It has been known since in mid-March that Microsoft with the Windows XP successor wants to introduce a new file system based on a kind of database. The basis of the file system will be the next version of Microsoft SQL Server, which is currently being developed under the code name 'Yukon'. In addition to these fundamental innovations, the usual component updates are of course also planned for Longhorn . This of course includes a new version of Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player. Microsoft's .NET strategy will also continue to find its way with Longhorn as a precursor to Windows code name ' Blackcomb ' ( See also ).

'We want to make it a very significant release, and we are going to have a reasonable development cycle for this version' 'Often times we try to spin things too fast and spend all our time getting beta feedback and not enough innovation as I would have wanted. ' Jim Allchin, Group Vice President

The Windows .NET server has also been postponed and should now go on sale at the beginning of 2003. Furthermore, Allchin denied a kind of Windows XP Second Edition , which functions as a kind of interim solution on the way to Windows Longhorn. The only thing that is certain at the moment is that work on the first Service Pack for Windows XP is in full swing.