Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 released

Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 released

After several delays, Microsoft has put the 3rd Service Pack for Windows 2000 online this evening. The approximately 124MB package is available for download in all common languages ​​and should definitely eliminate most of the last errors in Win2k.

The English version can be found here . Users of the German Windows 2000 version will find it here . Many thanks to 'Hausschuh' for this tip. There is already a suitable forum thread on ForumBase.


Jay has posted two interesting excerpts from the license terms of SP3 in the forum, which the included by many feared 'innovations'.

If you decide to use the update functions within the OS product or the To use OS components, it is necessary to use certain information about the computer system, hardware and software in order to implement the functions. By using these features, you are authorizing Microsoft or its designated agent to access the required information and use it for updates. Microsoft may only use this information to improve its products or to deliver custom services and technologies to you. Microsoft agrees to disclose such data anonymously.

You acknowledge and agree that Microsoft is entitled to automatically check the version of the OS product and/or its components that you are using To provide updates or fixes of the OS product that are automatically downloaded to your computer.

The SP3 therefore contains the new, automatic update function that allows Microsoft to send data about the computer and the user in order to be able to provide the updates according to their own information.