Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 Release Candidate presented

Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 Release Candidate presented

The second service pack for Windows 2000 was released a long time ago. On Tuesday, Microsoft presented the release candidate for Service Pack 3 with build number 3.140. The update for the professional version comprises 17MB, the one for the server version 30MB.

Originally, the service pack was only supposed to bring the system up to date and eliminate some security and compatibility problems without really adding any new functions to be integrated into the operating system. There are some significant innovations in the RC version. Among other things, support for the automatic update was built in. The Service Pack also contains a configuration menu with which Microsoft complies with the requirements in the antitrust process.

With the option for automatic updates gives Windows 2000 the opportunity to search for updates on the Internet independently. A far more interesting feature is hidden behind the new configuration window, which appears as part of the 'Add/Remove Programs' window. The user is able to replace the standard programs such as web browser, e-mail client, media player, instant messenger and Java virtual machine with programs of his choice. In addition, an option will be integrated to hide Windows components such as Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player.

There is a list on Microsoft's Support Knowledge Base 200 errors and problems that have appeared since the last service pack.