Windows 2000 compatibility update

Windows 2000 compatibility update

Microsoft has released a new Windows 2000 Compatibility Update. This makes the new October update the fourth update in its series.

Here is a short selection for which titles the update is intended:

  • Civil War 2 Generals v.1 ( Sierra On-Line)
  • Descent II v.1.1 (Interplay Productions)
  • Dungeon Keeper: Gold Edition v.1 (Bullfrog Productions)
  • Encyclopedia Britannica ' 99 (Encyclopedia Brittanica)
  • FIFA “99 (Electronic Arts)
  • Heart of Darkness (Interplay Productions)
  • PGA Championship Golf 1999 Edition v.1 (Sierra On-Line)
  • Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain v.1 (Eidos Interactive)
  • South Park v.1 (Acclaim Entertainment)
  • Triple Play ' 99 v.1 (Electronic Arts)