Whistler Beta 1 a month later

Whistler Beta 1 a month later

And another piece of news from me, although I'm still on vacation until Sunday evening. I found it just too sad. As Paul Thurrot reports on his website, Microsoft is postponing Beta 1 of Windows Whistler (which will probably be released as Windows.Net 1.0) by one month to October.

That means for Tommy and me that we can wait 2 whole months for Beta 1 :(

Whistler is the successor to Windows 2000 and Me (see if it works this time to combine consumer and business Windows, it didn't work with Windows 2000 ...) and at the same time the first operating system from Microsoft's new .Net strategy. It is based on the code of Windows 2000. Originally, Microsoft developed two separate Windows versions (based on Windows 2000) (Neptune for end users and Oddysey for so-called professional users), which were then merged to Whistler, as Paul Thurrot reported at the end of 1999.

So, and now the vacation continues;)