What does the world cost and what does the Athlon 64 cost?

What does the world cost and what does the Athlon 64 cost?

Unfortunately, we can't tell you how expensive the world is, but since the Comdex, which ended last Friday, the first asking prices for the Athlon 64 have been made. That it won't be as cheap as the Athlon XP processors, has been suspected for a long time.

Since the CeBit Shanghai at the latest, this has become a certainty, because the offer determines the price. The best example of this are the Athlon XP 2600+, 2700+ and 2800+ processors. While the XP2700 + and 2800+ are hardly available at all, it is the small number of units that makes the XP2600 + expensive. At around 390 euros, this would be more expensive than a boxed Pentium 4 2.66 GHz.

With the Athlon 64, production is an additional expensive factor. Because Silicon on Isolator (SOI) is not 'without' and is by the way responsible for the delays in the processor formerly known as ClawHammer. The processor yield is still too low. The heat spreader also costs money. In addition, the Athlon 64 is around 100 mm² larger than the current Thoroughbred B core with its 84 mm². On the 200 mm wafers that AMD currently uses for production, you will be able to produce 20 percent fewer processor cores, even with 100 percent yield. The processor itself will not be cheap in the beginning.

The situation is different with the mainboards. Since the Athlon 64 comes with the memory controller, simpler 4-layer mainboard designs are possible because the chipsets no longer have to take on this function. For this reason, nVidia, for example, has combined all the necessary functions in one chip in the Crush K8 chipset . In the end, mainboards for the Clawhammer should be even cheaper than their counterparts for the Athlon XP.

Overall, an Athlon 64 system should be about as expensive as a comparable one from the largest competitor.However, this is only speculation. If AMD gets the SOI manufacturing process under full control and there are no delivery bottlenecks when the new processor starts selling, falling prices are inevitable.

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