Waiting for the Unreal Tournament 2003 demo

Waiting for the Unreal Tournament 2003 demo

With the first screenshots and later the first videos, the Unreal Tournament successor was able to quickly reserve a permanent place in the community. When it became known that a demo of the first person shooter would also appear, the cheers were great. Countless delays are now torturing gamers.

There has been no talk of the original release date of the demo at the end of May for E3 for a long time. Mark Rein, the President of Epic Games, has now commented on the postponements in a forum contribution .

'When we think we're close to the demo (ie within 5-7 days) we'll let everyone know officially through this forum. We're not there yet, we're still more than a week away. We could be more than two weeks or even more than three weeks away. We're not holding out on people, we're just not done with the game yet and although a lot of the game is coming together very quickly we still have no 100% (or even 80%) accurate way to predict exactly when that will be. “

So the demo won't appear in the next two or three weeks. At least one week in advance you will announce in your own forums that you are preparing for the release of the demo. Rein also says that the development of Unreal Tournament 2003 is progressing quickly, but that a demo of the game is not to be released for download too early. The feedback from the community on the demo is intended to bring suggestions for improvement or bug reports to light and is not intended to be used to repeatedly confirm known bugs or issues.

'The demo will be released when we think we've got all the major functionality of the game complete so that the feedback from the demo can be focused 100% on things we weren't already aware needed to be addressed. “