Voodoo5 and GeForce Tweaktools

Voodoo5 and GeForce Tweaktools

The tweaker scene takes a deep breath, because there are a few new tools for tweaking the graphics card. For users of the Voodoo5 there is the first version of the freeware tool V5 Overclocker on Voodooextreme.

... the Monitor Refresh rate dialog box is only available in Windows 9x. Also I have not fully tested it on Windows 2000 yet so use at your own risk. I have been told the Voodoo3 Overclocker worked for the Voodoo5 5500 AGP under Windows 2000 and if it does this should also but no guarantees. I'll fully test it later and make an update available if I find problems ...

In addition, a new version of the GeForce Tweak Tool would be released. Some bugs have been fixed, so the version number is now 0.60. A download is available here.