Vobis offers a complete PC for 499 €

Vobis offers a complete PC for 499 €

The PC retail chain Vobis is now offering a complete computer for less than € 500. The equipment is absolutely impressive for this price. Under the motto 'A lot in there for little money!' Vobis offers everything the often quoted 'German housewife' needs.

With an AthlonXP 2000+, 256MB DDR-RAM, a 40GB hard drive and a 16x10x40x/12x DVD/CD-RW combo drive is the Highpaq® D XI Power 2000+ Combo equipped for all tasks in the home and office area. Thanks to a 10/100 Mbit network card, connecting to your home DSL connection is child's play. Only the ProSavage8 graphics card permanently integrated on the mainboard buries all gamer ambitions.

For 499 € the Buyers, however, only the bare PC. Only the mouse, keyboard and the rather dusty PC-DOS 7 are included in the box. If you can't or don't want to do without the software package from Windows XP and Lotus Smart Suite 9.7, you will be asked to pay an additional € 100.

For the normal user who only demands a little Internet and Office from his PC and occasionally would like to watch a DVD or burn a CD and already have an extensive software package, this offer is certainly worth considering. But even in the bundle with WindowsXP and the office package, this offer doesn't have to hide in any way.