Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 released

Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 released

On Wednesday the IDE of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the associated .NET Framework in version 3.5 were completed. MSDN subscribers can now download the IDE from Microsoft. With a 90-day trial version, anyone who does not have an MSDN subscription has the opportunity to enjoy the new environment.

The free 'Express Editions' are now also available for Download. The .NET 3.5 Framework is publicly available for download.

New features in Visual Studio 2008 include the Ability to develop projects for .NET 2.0/ASP 2.0 as well as .NET 3.5. In the 2005 version of the IDE this option was not available; H. no .NET 1.1 projects could be created, only .NET 2.0 was possible. This innovation is particularly interesting because .NET 3.5 applications are not yet supported in many companies and the new framework is not part of the standard software.

In addition, ASP.NET AJAX is now integrated into the framework so that a separate download is no longer necessary. Visual Studio 2008 also now supports debugging of JavaScript and IntelliSense for JavaScript.

The long-awaited LINQ is also included in the new framework. LINQ offers the possibility of integrating a database query no longer as a string but as a code, i.e. H. direct debugging of the queries is possible. The compiler can thus examine the SQL query directly, check for errors and support the developer in debugging, since the results are now available as objects. In addition, it is possible to access XML data records in the same way with the help of LINQ.

As Microsoft announced in the past, in addition to Visual Studio 2008, the possibility is created to debug your own source code directly into the source code of the .NETJump to libraries. Among other things, this is intended to give the developers a better understanding of the functions that are implemented in the .NET Framework and thus enable them to develop their applications more efficiently.

Many thanks to Niels Hebling for sending this news.