Viruses top 10 2001

Viruses top 10 2001

The antivirus software manufacturer Computer Associates (CA) published its top 10 list of the most common viruses in 2001. The best known virus was therefore Win32.Badtrans.B, which is also widespread in Germany.

But one or the other no less well-known candidate can also be found in the following places.

Viruses Top-10 2001 (according to CA)
01. Win32.Badtrans.B 02. Win32.Sircam.137216 03. Win32.Magistr 04. Win32.Badtrans.13312 05. Win32.Magistr.B 06. Win32.Hybris.B 07. Win95.MTX 08. Win32.Nimda.A 09. VBS.VBSWG.Generic 10 Win32.Goner.A

The transmission path of the Viruses. Years ago, the perpetrators' floppy disks were bad, in 2001 email was clearly in the lead with 90%. The ranking was created from the frequency of incidents reported to the company's own anti-virus center 'eTrust'.