VIA with stage win against Intel

VIA with stage win against Intel

If a topic has been running like a red thread through our news for over a year, it is certainly the seemingly endless patent dispute between VIA and Intel. Now, after a series of setbacks, VIA was also able to score.

To keep an overview in the chaos of lawsuits and counterclaims, let's briefly recap the past.

  • September 2001 - Intel files lawsuit against VIA in Great Britain, Germany and Hong Kong for patent infringement in the manufacture of Pentium 4 DDR-RAM chipsets. Unlike SiS and ALi, VIA has not acquired a license for this.
  • VIA responds with a counterclaim and accuses Intel of wanting to distort competition with its allegations.
  • Intel is pulling against it in Great Britain this counterclaim in court and won.

And how could it be otherwise, now VIA rode another lawsuit against the rejection of their counterclaim and was won. The appeals court in the UK overturned virtually every aspect of the previous judgment. But even if this stage went to VIA again, there are still long ways to go and a final winner will probably - if at all - only be certain in months.