VIA skips first revision of the KT333

VIA skips first revision of the KT333

Rumors that the first revision of VIA's KT333 chipset should be skipped have now been confirmed. The start of the KT333 has been delayed so much that the second revision is now to be produced and will then be sold under the name KT333 from the launch on February 20th.

This means above all for VIA that the time lag is even further behind SiS, who presented their DDR333-capable SiS 745 last year. In addition, VIA's lead over the successor to the 745 (SiS 746) shrinks to a few weeks. The KT333A has to fear this more than the SiS 745, which supports neither USB 2.0 nor AGP 8X. The following table summarizes this again clearly.

DDR333 chipsets from VIA and SiS at a glance
Chipset Northbridge Southbridge status KT333 like KT266A + PC2700 support like KT266A is skipped KT333A AGP 8X mode; USB 2.0; 512MB/s Vlink to Southbridge ATA-133 compatible 8233A chip Release 02/20/2002 as 'KT333' SiS745 IEEE 1394 961 chip Available since 4th quarter 2001 SiS746 AGP 8X mode; USB 2.0 ATA-133 compatible 962 chip released March 2002