VIA presents its own tablet PC design

VIA presents its own tablet PC design

VIA presents its new tablet PC design at the WinHEC 2002 in Taiwan today. The VIA Tablet PC Design is an attractively designed portable PC with a 10.4 inch graphic screen, is less than an inch or 2.54 cm thick and weighs a little more than a kilogram.

Thus, this small PC is much lighter and not as bulky as conventional laptops. It not only supports Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, but also a wide range of connection options such as USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 and optionally 802.11b wireless LAN. The core of the VIA Tablet PC Design is the VIA Apollo 2002, an integrated double-sided mainboard that was specially created by VIA for thin and very light, portable applications. VIAs C3 or Eden ESP are available as processors, which are kept particularly compact and are characterized by efficient thermal properties such as passive fanless cooling. The chipset is based on the Apollo Pro266T, which also offers support for DDR SDRAM. However, VIA is still silent about a price for all the fun.

VIA Tablet Design PC