VIA P4X400 on P4PB400-FL in the test: VIA chipset for the Pentium 4

VIA P4X400 on P4PB400-FL in the test: VIA chipset for the Pentium 4


Some people will still scream out loud after the test and won't put a VIA chipset next to their Pentium 4. But there is one thing we cannot blame the P4X400 and the P4PB400-FL for: insufficient stability. The board caused no problems at all during our tests and was extremely stable. But we can also say that Intel knows best how to get the most out of the Pentium 4 from its own house under identical conditions. In the DDR333 comparison, the i845PE is clearly ahead of the P4X400 and also ahead of the SiS648. The P4X400 is sometimes even able to outperform its competitors from SiS in terms of performance. Often, however, it also has to place itself at the end of the DDR333 chipset.

The P4PB400-FL offers a solid and stable mainboard for around 150 euros, which thanks to VIA's in-house chips also with ATA133, USB2.0, Onboard LAN, onboard 6-channel sound and Firewirecan wait. However, you have to do without highlights such as Bluetooth, Serial ATA or Onboard Raid. Nevertheless, the P4PB400-FL is worth a look, even if, as already mentioned several times, it cannot match the performance of an i845PE. The scope of delivery of the P4PB400-FL is not the absolute optimum either, but the package still includes nice extras like a sound module and a USB2.0 and Firewire cover. So you can at least use the purchased features directly without additional expenses.

The fact that VIA does not have a license from Intel owns and both parties are still in litigation, may make some willing customers a bit of a pain in buying a P4X400-based motherboard, as the selection is limited to very few manufacturers. In addition to VIA, Soltek and Shuttle also offer mainboards based on the P4X400. However, many manufacturers are waiting for the outcome of the legal dispute and either we can look forward to another Pentium4 chipset manufacturer that is accepted by many manufacturers, or VIA will have to withdraw completely from the field of Pentium4 chipsets. When this decision will be made is unfortunately still completely open.

  • Equipment
  • DDR333 support
  • Stability
  • OnBoard LAN
  • OnBoard Firewire
  • USB 2.0
  • ATA133
  • Sound module
  • USB Firewire cover
  • no PCI/AGP fix
  • no Bluetooth
  • bad onboard sound
  • no S-ATA
  • no raid
  • DDR400 operation impossible

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