VIA launches Eden Embedded System Platform

VIA launches Eden Embedded System Platform

VIA recently announced the Eden Embedded System Platform. By combining an energy-saving processor and the options of the North and South Bridge integrated into the chipset, the Eden Platform enables energy-saving and flexible solutions on an embedded x86 basis from a single source.

With its extensive range of functions, the VIA offers energy-saving properties Eden Platform opens up new possibilities for communication products, including home entertainment devices such as set top boxes, game consoles, personal video recorders and home servers.

The Apollo PLE133 or the ProSavage PN133T North Bridge are available as chipset. The acceleration for AGP2X/4X graphics and video output is integrated here as well as the support for network functionality, super I/O, audio functions and other connection options contained in the VT8231 South Bridge. With an energy consumption of just over six watts, the Eden Platform is an extremely energy-saving embedded platform.

With a processor core that is equipped with basic x86 properties such as MMX and 3DNow! Support, the Eden ESP (Embedded System Platform) provides applications and Internet access on a closed platform. The IA Eden Platform models VE1400, VE1500, VE2400 and VE2500 are already in the delivery. The VIA Eden Platform models VE1600 and VE2600 are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2002.

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