VIA Germany with extended technical support

VIA Germany with extended technical support

The processor, chipset and mainboard manufacturer VIA announces that technical support in Germany has been further expanded. End customers and dealers now have the opportunity to ask specific questions about chipsets and VIA C3 processors or about VIA VPSD mainboards.

Two different service numbers have been set up to provide answers. The telephone numbers can also be found on the German website of VIA Technologies. You can find out more about the info telephone number of the headquarters at VIA Germany before buying a product.

VIA support telephone numbers in Germany
Division number Technical support CPU and chipsets (02241) 256060-4 VPSD mainboards (02241) 256060-6 Info number Kaufberatung (02241) 39778-0

The hotline is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. reachable until 5 p.m. Support requests can also be sent by email to Our forum is of course the right place to go for questions of this kind.