VIA brings new Firewire controller

VIA brings new Firewire controller

The mainboard manufacturers are bringing more and more functions to their mainboards. Now that USB 2.0 support has been integrated into the Southbridge of the current chipsets, space has been made available for new chips on the motherboard, which is currently still often occupied by a Firewire controller from NEC.

Now VIA can also come up with a new, small and energy-saving Firewire controller, the Fire VT6307, with which NEC would like to compete.

With two ports that support up to 400Mbps of data transfer, the new VIA Host Controller is the latest in VIA's growing USB and IEEE 1394 product range. Based on the IEEE 1394 specifications, the VIA VT6307 supports the full range of 1394 features. The chip is manufactured in 0.30 µm technology. Unfortunately, it is not known how expensive or cheap it is. Ultimately, the price will decide whether VIA can assert itself against the competition here. More information about the new VIA chip is available here .