VIA announces the P4PB motherboard with P4X333 chipset

VIA announces the P4PB motherboard with P4X333 chipset

VIA announced the introduction of the VIA P4PB motherboard. It is the first and probably the only motherboard based on the new VIA Apollo P4X333 chipset for Pentium 4 processors. This chipset is the first to offer AGP 8x support.

Another innovation is the doubled bandwidth of the V-Link to 533 MB/s, which connects Northbridge and Southbridge. The new VIA VT8235 is used as the Southbridge, which should include a completely revised PCI management and now also supports USB 2.0.

The P4PB with P4X333 naturally supports an FSB of 533 MHz and can therefore also be used for the new Pentium 4 processors. The VIA P4PB is an ATX board with three DDR333/266 DIMM slots. Five PCI, one AGP and one CNR slot offer enough space for expansion. A smart card and memory stick support are also supplied. The P4PB also has an integrated ATA133 RAID controller.

P4PB mainboard users can look forward to the FliteDeck package. FliteDeck enables advanced features such as overclocking, system monitoring and BIOS updates and includes the four additional programs MissionControl, JetStream, FlashPort, and SysProbe. More information about the FliteDeck Suite is available on the VIA website .

VIA P4PB with P4X333