VIA 4in1 Hyperion: remeasured

VIA 4in1 Hyperion: remeasured

Since we are currently working on an article about the nForce 2 and KT400 and have quickly resorted to the new, highly praised 4in1 4.45 'Hyperion', we were now able to get an idea of ​​its performance in everyday practice.

Hailed by many as a declaration of war on the nForce 2, the package unleashes a few additional power reserves in AGP-heavy applications, but the KT400 still does not even come close to the king of AMD boards, the chip from nVidia . Quake3Arena, in particular, where the first reports reported a drastic increase in performance, the chip is a good 10% behind.

3DMark 2001SE
Unit: points
    • nForce 2 (8RDA +), FSB333, DDR333
    • KT400 (8K9A2 +), FSB333, DDR333
Comanche 4
    • nForce 2 (8RDA +), FSB333, DDR333
    • KT400 (8K9A2 +), FSB333, DDR333
WinACE 2.11
Unit: minutes, seconds
    • nForce 2 ( 8RDA +), FSB333, DDR333
      3: 11
    • KT400 (8K9A2 +), FSB333, DDR333

Both boards had to be satisfied with an Athlon XP2600 + (FSB333), 2x256MB Corsair XMS3000CL2 and a GeForce 4 Ti4400. Memory and CPU ran synchronously, as experience has shown that both chipsets work most efficiently here. The timings were identical on both boards2-2-2-5-1.

The reason for the lousy situation is likely to continue to be the considerably poorer memory timing compared to the nForce 2. The chip from nVidia is a good 20% faster. Even an AGP driver can't shake it.

  • Memory latencies:
    • nForce 2 (8RDA +), FSB333, DDR333
    • KT400 (8K9A2 +), FSB333, DDR333