UT3 is designed to breathe new life into PhysX

UT3 is designed to breathe new life into PhysX

The physics accelerator 'PhysX' from Ageia has been on the market for some time, but has not yet caught on with players. A significant price reduction and the support of Unreal Tournament 3 should help the technology to breakthrough after all.

For example, the price of the physics accelerator in the USA was lowered to 99 US dollars. After the cards from Asus and BFG initially hit the market for US $ 300, they have since been available for around US $ 200. In Germany, however, the price reduction has not yet arrived - cards from BFG ( ComputerBase-Test ) and Asus still cost just under 120 euros.

Ageia also announced the Unreal Tournament 3 PhysX Mod- Kit on. With this, developers and modders can integrate new experiences in Unreal Tournament 3 or optimize and adapt existing game levels to expand the game and interactivity. The mod kit should contain everything modders need to integrate PhysX-supported content into the UT3 world. These include: PhysX-capable UE3 tools (Unreal Engine 3), manuals, learning programs and documentation as well as wizards and examples. The PhysX Mod-Kit will be available for download from Ageia and its partners from mid-December . .

To demonstrate the capabilities of the PhysX-Mod-Kit and the PhysX-Processor, Ageia is now making a number of Extreme PhysX Mod Levels for UT3 available for download free of charge. The “Tornado” and the “Lighthouse” level belong to the first PhysX-Mod-Kit. The Tornado Mod, which was presented at this year's Games Convention, offers new environmental impacts. A PhysX-supported tornado devastates the battlefield in the course of the game and pulls rockets and projectiles into its vortex when they are fired near it. More maps and mods with othersPhysX implementations and level changes will soon be available as part of the mod kit program.